viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010

A little bit of everything!!

My summer is gone!!!!!
I had enjoy my family, my Eric, and friends.I love having friends!! they are part of our lifes.
There is some friends that stay with you all the time, others disappear for awhile, others that can't forget your errors, others that are not willing to be your truly friend, and the most important ones are your angels in this life. And this last ones I have several :) I feel blessed because they are in my life. And the greater of all my friends is Jesus! who died for me! who never leaves me!!!

Pues el verano paso volando, en el cual he podido disfrutar de mi familia, de mi Eric y de mis amigos que forman parte de mi vida! que siempre estan ahi, para ayudar!!! y para escuchar. me siento bendecida por que tengo angeles por amigos! Tambien por que Cristo es el que me ofrece la amistad de verdad, El nunca me abandona, El dio la vida por mi!!!

Proud to live in Idaho!!!!

Yellowstone!!! Maddy como siempre enamorada de mi pelo!!

Maddy loves my hair!!

Cooking one of my passions!!it relaxs me!! cocinar me encanta!!me relaja!!

Empanada gallega con verduras del huerto!!! y con harina integral!!! que no falte el atun de Espanya!!

My dear friend Olivia intruduced me to the healthy eating with green juices, eating more raw vegetables, more beans and grains!! thank you, guapa!!

Oliva me dio a conocer los zumos verdes que tienen verduras y frutas, a comer mas sano!!!

Here is Maddy, I just can't stop loving her! so precious!!! This last thursday they came to town to celebrate my brother in law bday!! What a wonderful day off!!! that's the same feeling that I have with all my nieces and nephews!! I love them all!! I hope soon I can have a pic with all of them!!