domingo, 9 de mayo de 2010

!HaPPy MoThErs Day!! FeLiZ Dia de la MaDRe

I was trying to teach Eric that I became a mother the day I married him. Because will I be punish if I can't have babies here on earth? I wont have a mothers day present ever? Plus we'll have a lot of children on the eternity :D. Before going to church he sorprised me with a card and a book!!! I don't think he agree with my theory, but he bought me something anyway.

I'm really thankfull for my husband, he is the greatest blessing among all. Like the himn says ".......... when you look at others with their lands and gold, think that Christ has promised you his wealth untold. count your many blessings, money can not buy......"

I'm thankfull for mothers, for all the good woman that I know, for all the work they do with children. I'm gratefull for my own mother and grandmother that guided me my whole life, Te quiero mama gracias por todo, te estoy eternamente agradecida.. I'm thankfull for my mother in law for her exemple of a righteous women and for raicing the best husband I could ever have. I'm thankfull for life.

Happy mothers day.!!

jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

Aleluya>>>>> Aleluia

Mientras comia una sopa calentita y veia por la ventana la nieve caer y meditando las injusticias de la vida, como a veces podemos caer en la mediocridad de la gente del mundo, he podido sentir como se sintiria Francisco de Asis cuando ya mayor, cansado de servir y enfermo seguia disfrutando de las creaciones del Senor y creo uno de los himnos mas preciosos, del cual se han hecho muchas derivaciones. " Oh Creaciones del Senor' . Yo me uno al el alabando a mi Salvador, Creador y Redentor, como los hebreos dirian Aleluya.
si quieres disfrutar del himno haz click aqui. Yo me voy a coser a crear algo tambien.
While I was eating my soup I was meditating and looking through the window at the snow melting on the pine tree in front my house. I was meditating mix feelings, in the injustice that we need to suffer in this life, about how bad is for us to immitate bad actions of the world. On that moment a thoght came to my mind, I remember Francis de Asis, he created a wonderful himn when he was old on bed, sick, and tired but happy. After a life of serving others he have the power to put himself on a hot summer day to create this himn. "All Creatures of our God and KIng". I unified my testimony with him that God lives, He exists and I'm thankfull for all His creations that remind me His Love for me. Aleluia
if you want to enjoy the himn click here. I will go and sew to create something beautyfull.