lunes, 20 de julio de 2009

Pics!!!! Rafting July 09

My friend Melisa invited us to go with them camping, I really didnt like to camp that much but I went cause she didnt like either. But I have to say that we had a great time in their family reunion, I'm really thankfull for her friendship and her example, she is just a pure inocent person!! and that is a rare quality nowdays. Her husband is our bishop, so I felt secure with him leading the boat. We also went to Redfish lake that is a lake from a movie so perfect ( I forgot my cam that day, sorry!!). Eric was really excited all the time cause we did the things he really enjoy!! like fishing, we went biking, rafting. We are so bless for having such a great Fun Friends!!!

Me ves

Ya no me ves

viernes, 10 de julio de 2009


This are stressfull and busy times:

1. trying to find a job!!

2. Inmigrations papers( still!!!!)

3. Battling with Diabetes!!!

4. Plus church callings!!!!!!!!

Dispite all this stress my dear husband find time to study spanish.On winter he told me that he will study it on the summer! I have to tell you that almost 2 years ago for his b-day I gave him this program, and he is enjoying it so much!! so much that I think he is getting adictted to it!!

It has a variaty of games ,it's not just the boring grammar!! it even helps to pronunciate!! it's really complete. I recomend it for the husbands that a second language it' s not their priority. And the BEST thing about it IS that they teach the real Spanish ACCent!!!!!!!!

I miss all of you!!!!!!I trust in my Savior that evrything is gonna be ok. it's just tedious and dessapointed to look for a job in this economy. God will provide!!