sábado, 28 de marzo de 2009


Finally we have a few days of gateway!!! It's really good to have some days off!!! so you can get away from the rutine and ur life!!

Eric and I had a blast with my friends and seing new places!! just for 5 days!!! Monday to friday!! I needed to see my friends to feel their love for me!! It's great to remember past times with them!! I'm glad that ERic loves my friends and they are gonna be his friends too!! We needed this time together to runaway from stress. Nothing against Pocatello which is where we live now but 9 more months and we'll say bye to this town!!! I hope that we move to Utah close to all of u!!

Here are some pics I didnt do too many as always!! Irene and Mike thank you for being so nice with us and Thank you to all of u!! for ur hospitality!!!


Twin Falls

Mas Twin FalLs

With Olivia!!! her housband cooked for us a delicious lasagna!!!! We had a great time with her and her family!! Te quiero mucho !Olivia!!

Next day we stayed at gradma's house I love her!! she is the sweetest!!! she is always serving!!! us. I love you GRandma!!

Then was Eli's turn!! we eat really good!! all spanish food!!! Eli u are a great cook!!! we had so much fun with her kids!! And YOU too!! Dont get jealous!!
EStuvimos hasta las 2;00am ~~ we're singing until 2 am!!

In this pic ERic tries to sing!!! hahaha in the singstar!!game, at the end of the night he did good!! he were laughing until crying!!!!!!!!! I had a great time!! Thank you Eli!!!

Eric was trying to study!! I went downstairs to see how he was doing with homework!!! and this is what I found!! Eli's kids love him!!!

sábado, 21 de marzo de 2009

Busy !!!! muy ocupada!!!

My dear friends!!! is been crazy times!! Enrichment night, a wedding!! a funeral!!! When I asked God about service!!! I couldnt imagine that thre is so much to do!! I went to bed tired but really happy!!! Is amazing how u can help others!!u dont even need to know who they are!!. In the funeral I learned a lot from this Sister McKregor!! she was special!! and also was my first time looking a dead body that close!! In Spain we have a place for the dead bodies but here she was at church!! at Relief sociaty room!!! oh boy!!! but the room was filled of a sweet feeling!!!! so it wasnt that bad!!

The other day Eric and I were looking some adds on youtube here are some , they are hilaurios!!!! With some of them we cried!!!!!

viernes, 13 de marzo de 2009


I'm would like to share what is a temple for us. It's not something secreet is sacred, I know there is a lot of controversy because one tv show. Also I know a lot of my friends are not members so here a short video that explains it better.

lunes, 2 de marzo de 2009

Tha bachelor

He is going nuts!!!!!! I liked him at the begining!! but now I dont!! he is a player!!!!!!!! why he would choose one and then 6 weeks later another one!!!!!!!!!!
if u were the Molly would u say yes to him???????


Yestarday was my parents aniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 30 years together!!!!!!!!!and they still look the same, I'll say even better.