jueves, 30 de abril de 2009

An uplifting moment!!!!!!

Well It was 9:40pm after having a relaxing bath, trying to have peace in my heart I went to the lds.og to listen some Conference talks. Lately I have been missing my family, the fact that kills me the most is that I dont know when I'm going to see them! You cant have everything in this life, when I wasnt married I used to see them more often now that I have Eric I dont see them!!

Last night I was thinking about my sister Cristina, I want to see her and have a time with her talking just being with her , It was really overwhelming to think that I dont know when I'm going to see her again!!!Moreover, I miss the social security!! to go to the doctor when you need it. Here I dont have insurance yet! I dont want even to talk about it.

This world is full of injust, and we are not exempt of it. My poor Eric had a recent experience of this in his job. Sometime frustation can lead us to dispair and then we lack of hope.
I found this on the church website that comforted my heart!!! How blessed I feel to know, that having faith and hope leads us to think about Christ our Savior, He always will be with us until the end!!, how patiente we need to be with trials!!!.

Romans 12:21
"Be not overcome of evil, but overcame evil with good."

DYC 24:12

"Be patient in afflictions, for thou shalt have many; but endure them, for, lo, I am with thee, even unto the end of thy days."

domingo, 26 de abril de 2009

Walking again ~~~~ He vuelto a las andadas....

My dear friends, finally good weather!!! or at least, It looks like it's not going to snow!!
The streats are clear and I went back to my walks!!! I miss them so much, what a long winter!!!

In Vancouver the weather is mild so allowed me to go for walks dispite the rain or the cold. But here!!! always snow everwhere.

My Eric found me a park close by when I moved to Pocatello. This park has a pace for runing or walking. Before I got married I used to run it for 4 times= 2 miles= +o- 4 km. Now I just walk it, for now!!!! ;) also I walk to get to the park, going down is easy but going up oh boy what a hill!!! it doesn't matter how often u do it always it's hard!!!!!!!!!!!!

I invited everybody!! to walk with me so far I went with Eric( just 2 times he doesnt have time) Alisa( my sis in law) Melissa(neigbour and bishop's wife) kristina(my sis in law) and Corin!!( my Jamaican friend). It's easier to go with somebody , always is better when you share!!!! ;)

I recomend it to anybody , it helps to realse stress, helps with depression, to lower bloodsugar level, to loose tummy,to appriciate more God blessings!!!

Do you want to walk with me??????? :0

viernes, 17 de abril de 2009

A Quick trip to Utah

I went to Salt Lake City to the Funeral of Quinn, Maria's husband. It was a nice experience to see how strong Maria was through all of this.
Quinn in the last year was battling a brain tumor, his time in this earth is finish, he left his wife and 5 children. It was an honor to see how he served in his job, I remember when I met him I told Maria that I wanted a men like him, so humble, so good. He was deeply in love with her.
The funeral was prepared by Maria. Eventhough it was 2 hours long it was amazing to learn about his life also it was really spiritual.
In those moments is when u realize that our faith gives us hope, give us the certain that we'll see our love ones after this life. That this life is just a short period compare with eternity. That families can be together forever. What uplifting experience. I apreciate what I have even more now.
We were there 7 people from Mostoles I couldnt believe it!!!Everyday I have more clear that i want to life close to u guys!!
Maria we love you!!!! and Quinn
Til we meet with God again.

lunes, 13 de abril de 2009

Isnt he lovely?

My dear hubby sorprised me on Sunday morning with this Easter basket!! I didnt prepare anything cause I wasnt aware that this tradition was for adults too!!

He gave me a card with a love note and candy with the condition of sharing, yeah he is smart too!!! cause he knows I'm not that candy lover!!!! :) I still love him though haha and I apreciate his kind act!!!

sábado, 11 de abril de 2009

martes, 7 de abril de 2009

Crisis time!!! Hay que ahorrar!!

My friend Eli shared this recipe wich the main ingredient is leftovers from a spanish dish " cocido madrileno" tipical from my city Madrid.
Here a pic so u guys can get an idea. It is a soup made with a lot of veggies and a lot of differents kinds of meat. Usally we eat it during winter. This soup could make you arise from the tumb!!!
Eli de Huelva bueno q vive en Utah me dio esta receta con las sobras del cocido menos la patata, se hacen croquetas que estan buenisimas.
Ya no hay que comer cocido dos dias seguidos, pq lo hagas como lo hagas siempre sobra y no estamos pa tirar nada senoras!!!
Con esta soculenta receta no se tira nada!!! lo orgulloso que se va a poner mi padre cuando se entere que en mi casa no se tira na de comida!!!
Total que se necesita:
* 100 gr de harina( + o - una taza pa las americanas-espanolas)
* 2 tazas de caldo de cocido
* 2 tazas de leche
* 1/4 cebolla grande
* sal al gusto
* chorrion de aceite de oliva :)
* y las sobras del cocido
Si tienes termomix pues lo trituras todo bien, si no lo tienes pues con cualquier minipimer or batidora se hace tambien solo que para q quede mas suave se quita la piel al garbanzo,( si se lo q estas pensando q pesadez, pues la siguiente vez echas menos garbanzos jajaja no hombre, no se tarda tanto) se le echa un poco de caldo para que no se queme el aparto electrico con la masa.
Cortas la cebolla en cuadrados pequenos, se sofrie bien y cuando esta clara se echa la masa de los garbanzos con una taza de caldo, se mezcla bien. Despues se le anade la harina y por ultimo la leche, pues se menea bien por 15 min para que la harina se cocine bien. No parar de mover pq se pequera, el fuego tiene q estar medio alto, al final se baja.
Se coloca en una fuente grande y se deja toda la noche en el frigo. Al dia siguiente se prepara las croquetas de forma normal. Vuala!!!

sábado, 4 de abril de 2009

Finished!! finally~~ Por fin termine!!!

I just can believe it's done!!! What a nightmare!!! Why goverments have so much burocracy?
Anyway I'm glad this is over well the filling forms, looking for documents!! translations, sponsor, photocopies, taxes, payments, medical examination, vaccines etc....
Even if something is incorrect it wont be as the begining.
And I hope they dont complain about it!! cause is really good organize!!! all my years as a secretary have to show some how!!!
Now we just need to wait for the next steps!!!

Pues si amigas por fin!! se termino el rellenar formularios que si el I-130, el I-485, I-765,I-864 y luego cada formulario con su debida documentacion, que pesadez, por favor!!! Y yo me quejaba de emigracion en Canada, naaa que ver senores!! Pero bueno se acabo!!! algunas cosas ahora empezaran otras!!!! ya os ire contando!!
Besos a todas!!! y todos:)

miércoles, 1 de abril de 2009

3 Nephites Spotted on I-80

Mable Firstap was driving between Ohio and Pennsylvania when she spotted three clean-cut men walking on the side of the road.

“They just had a glow about them, so I didn’t mind stopping to see if they needed help,” said Firstap. “When I did, I saw that they were each carrying a Book of Mormon.”

Firstap told them that she was LDS. “They told me that I needed to get my food storage in order. Then they actually vanished! I couldn’t believe it!”

And neither should you.

The three Nephites, as we know from the Book of Mormon, exist, but Ms. Firstap doesn’t. Her name is a combination of today’s date and the month—April 1—April Fool’s Day.

By LDS living inc.