jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2008


Gracias por ser tan detallista y pensar en mi aun estando tan lejos!!! que a veces la distancia se nos hace un mundo, para hacer felices a los demas. YO me conformo solo con el deseo, pero hija que sorpresa!!! Yo que no soy materialista al menos eso me creo, y mira estoy recibiendo mas regalos que nunca. Pero gracias por acordarte de mi y de mi Eric!!!! Que ganas tengo de verte y darte un abrazo!!! ESto del Internet!!! cuantas cosas buenas trae. Yo he ganado una buena amiga y hermana!!!!
Gracias guapa.
Lorena sent me several presents for the wedding from Spain I was sorprised!!! just cause we are really far away!!! She is really generous!!! NOt that I expect presents for the people but I couldnt imagine being so far way!! I'm just thankfull for he interest on me!! and for her friendship!!

domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2008

Sorpresas y ocupada!! REally busy and sorprises!!

Well I still have to call the people to know if they are coming!!!! Do the sitting list!! the goodybags!! Send emails !!!!the music for the dance!!!oh boy when is this going to finish!!!!!!!!
Todavia tengo cosas que hacer si , no se como es posible pero si!! sobre todo los pequenos detalles, que si la lista de como sentar a la gente, que si las bolsas de los dulces, que si enviar los emails o llamar a la gente para confirmar , que si la musica para el baile!!!




jueves, 6 de noviembre de 2008

New times

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sábado, 1 de noviembre de 2008


OK Kristina this one is for you ;)

4 places I like to eat.
At my mom's house, the restaurants on the beach in Spain lovely seafood!!!, Cactus cafe in Canada and an italian restaurant in Utah I cant remember the name.

4 places I go over and over.-
Walmart!! jaja it's true!!, ath the park my Eric found a park for me to go for walk or a run, to Eric's parents house, to the mail box to see if I have mail!!!!
4 places I would like to be right now.-
In Canada with my neice and my nephew and with all the wonderfull people I LEFT BACK THERE!!

In Spain !! with my siblings!! my parents!! and my friends

IN Honduras doing some geneology work!!!visiting family

And any place just with Eric ;)( he is working and I miss him!!!)
4 t.v. shows I watch.-

Victoria I watch it on line it a spanish show, Judy Judge, Bill Cosby show and PUnked

4 movies I have watched more than once. -

Water, the notebook, 7 brides for 7 brothers, any disney movies!!

4 Books I've enjoyed.-

Don Quijote, Gloria, God's want powerfull people, Quiet heart.

Kristina hahah I'm like you!! it has to be a really good book to get inmerse on it.
4 random things I love about my future husband. -

He never says anything bad about no body always good things!! I have to learn from him on that!!!

He is really constant on his goals

He likes to barb-q, and he loves to sleep!!

4 jobs I've had. -

Pararrayos sr. sl, Walmart, ACS, Spanish teacher, Esl teacher

4 places I have been.-

Paris, Swisszerland,Mexico, Monaco, Niza

4 of my favorite foods.-

Paella (spanish dish with rice and seafood) Arroz negro, lassagna, veggis and meat on the BArb-Q
4 places I would like to visit. -

Hawaii, Roma, Venezuela, Usa virgin islands!! there is a lot of places I want to go!!!

4 things I look forward to in this coming year. -

Having a baby!! yeah!!, go to spain, be over with the emigration papers, make Eric really happy!!!
4 people to TAg

A todas mis blogleras !!! anyone feel free!!

Despedida de soltera a la americana ~~ BRidalshowEr

La madre de ERic es la de azul preparo toda la despedida ella sola, Eric's mom!!prepared everything she did a great job!!Bless her heart!!!

Kristina!! Eric's sis

Alisa and Natalie ERic's sis and Cristal!! my neibour and Aunt Melody~~ Las hermanas de Eric

mi vecina!!! y la tia Melody!!

GRamma Terry!!! Eric is sooo bless cause he has grandparents both sides that still alive!!

Jennifer and MaryJoe!!!! la tia y prima de ERic

The presents Los regalos

You know how much I love to cook!!! this is priceless!!! Las hermanas de Eric junto al marco me regalaron esto!!!

Me encanta el marco match with the other ones that I have!!!

Aunt Melody's present!!! Muy util!!

GradmaTerry's present!! A must have!!!! Ya tengo batidora!!!!

it already had its place ;) hahaha Pues utensilios de cocina!! mi suegra q maja!!
Mi suegra me hizo esta mantita preciosa!!! My future mother in law made this beautiful blanket!!!