domingo, 12 de junio de 2011

Si estuvieras aqui...esto no te pasaria! ~~ If you were here those things will never happen to you!

I know is been awhile! since I wrote here but I have a really good excuse I had two jobs, no time at all! :)

The news I have is that my sister Cristina is here! what a blessing to have family around! I love her! she is full of talents!!beautiful and I love her smile!

Lately I had a health problem that no doctors here in Pocatello have found the cure of it yet!!!!!! but I have the feeling that this last doctor is getting close. I sitll have faith in the american's health system!

I usally call my mom to report on the progress of my health issue and her answer will always be .... If you were here..those things will never happen to you!
And I think she might be right things in Spain will be different for sure but I wouldn't learn about patience my faith wouldn't grow, I wouldn't see the blessings of the priesthood, I wouldn't learn to trust God's will , I wouldn't learn about the true happiness that comes from marriage, the true love that my husband Eric offers me, and to learn that I can't have everything under control, that there is something bigger than me. I learn to believe in a better future in all things, I might not like the result but I know that is what I have to live in order to Learn! to be like Him.
And yes, those things wont happen overthere but God wants me here!